How To Repair A Garage Door

There are two main parts that make up a garage door. This is the door itself plus the opener. At times, the problem with garage doors can be traced to the garage door itself. This article explains how you can make repairs on this crucial part of the garage door.

According to you need to first understand the basic mechanics of your garage door. A garage door, irrespective of whether it rolls up in parts or swing up as a single piece, functions on a spring tension. All doors moves on metal rails mounted on the garage walls. The springs or heavy spring give the power. Most of the time when the door does not work well, repairs may become quite easy. Here are a few helpful repair guidelines: Continue reading

How To Plan A Garage Sale

Garage sales are a wonderful way to start fresh by cleaning your house. The fact  that you might make a few bucks as well as make a couple of dollars doesn’t hurt. But you might be asking yourself, how exactly can someone make money off Garage sales? How will you bring people to your lawn? How will you make them pay for top dollar for your items?

There are a few easy measures you can simply take when arranging your sale that can make the big difference between a few dollars and perhaps hundreds of dollars in sales and a house! Continue reading